Harold Sidney Tobitt

Harold Sidney was born  at Neals Farm Henley Oxfordshire, England in  September of 1875.
Father Albert Tobitt and Mary Downer-Tobitt. (Neals Farm is now a bed and breakfast. Check
out their

Harold was one of 13 children born to Albert Tobitt. At the age of 16 Harold had an
altercation with his Stepmother Laura Mary Heard-Tobitt. ( Albert's Third Wife)

The story goes that Harold entered the house and heard his little sister screaming. Laura was
brushing  Edith May Tobitt's hair (Age 4). The little girl screamed and begged for Laura to
Stop pulling her hair, but Laura roughly continued.  Harold told Laura to stop as well, but she
still continued to pull the little girl's hair. Harold was enraged, then grabbed Laura by her hair
and dragged her from the room.

When it was over, Harold was fearful of his father. He decided to leave. With no money, he
took several head of his father's cattle and sold them. The money funded his trip to America.
Harold's Uncle Sampson Tobitt was in Chicago. Sampson received Harold and got him stared
in America.

Once on his feet, Harold got into the timber business. He would buy land and cut the timber,
then sell the land. Tennessee was where he established his family.  He married Nannie
Florence May. They had five children, Stanley, Clifford, Louise, Violet and Vernon.

Two of Harold's brothers came to America to join in the Timber business. All three Brother's
enlisted in WWI.  (make link to Services)

Harold and Nannie are buried at Oakwood Cemetery in Tullahoma, Tn. Pictures of their head
stones are below.
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