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Aug 10 2010
Updated site with New pictures of Gunn's

April 28 2008,
The England trip is at hand and i have created a Blog so that you can keep up with our
wandering.  I have been in touch with Toby Elder and he will be in England on the 19th.
We hope to meet up with him and his wife along with Mrs. Hennings in Kirdford. We will see
how it all works out. Check the
Blog and pictures of the trip!

Nov 20th,2007,
It has been a very long time since I have updated any thing on the site. :(  I truly home you
forgive me. It has been a very busy summer!

I still have tons of things to add to the site from Ian and Mrs. Hennings. I also received a
package from Margaret Majors over the summer and Mrs Jones let me borrow several
pictures and newspaper articles on the local area. Many Flower Town School pictures and
articles along with many Ledford Mill pictures too. I hope to have a lot more posted very
soon.  The Winter weather seems to keep me in more and I find I have more time to work on
the SITE!   So More to come very soon.

I hope you all have a great Thanksgiving holiday and I hope to hear from you all this

April 15th, 2007,
This week I received two special packages. One from Mrs. Hennings and One from Ian
Thompson. I have posted many of the pictures that Ian sent from England under the Tobitt
family album. You will have to check it out.  But there is lots more to post. So check back
soon. As now that I have most of it scanned, it will be put out soon.

A very special thanks to both of them for all the information!

Wow March 28th,
It has been a busy month and a long time for me to post anything new...
and I have lots to post.
     Ian Thompson in England has sent me loads of pictures and letters of interest to the
Tobitt family.
    Margaret Majors has popped over a great picture of Wesley Albert, Laura and Cyril
Which is super cool
   and I have lots of info on the Checkendon Church where Albert and his family were
members. So look for the Checkendon ST Peter & ST Paul Church webpage

 And last but not least, I found a copy of Jane Tobitt of Hawhurst England circa 1817 A
Cool document be sure to check it out in the certificates page.. Well Happy looking!

March 6th,
We had a great loss in our family this week. Aaron Samuel Wilkinson passed away Saturday
March 3rd. He was the husband of Loretta Tobitt-Wilkinson. He was 84 years old and
suffered from Parkinsons. His funeral was Today in Woodbury, Tennessee.
Though he will be missed, we all know his suffering is no more.

It is truly a shame that we only get family reunions during funerals, but it seems that is the
way of it.

I hope to make that change. More to come.....

March 5th,
Happy Birthday to Ian Thomson and Shannon Jackson
As  I have just recently found out he shares Birthdays with Me :)

March 4th, 2007
Updated Albert Tobitt Page

March 1th, 2007
I have found more Family!  Hello to you all...
John Tobitt Elder of Las Vegas, Nevada
  Decedent of John Downer and Jane Tobitt
Mrs. Hennings
   Decedent of John Elliott Tobitt and Ruth Pacy

And     Ian Thompson of Oxford, England  
     Decedent of  Edith May Downer Tobitt

I have created a contact page so that we can stay in touch :)

Feb 28, 2007
Happy Birthday Ian Bailey Pritchett

Feb 7, 2007
Church Information
check it out....

Farm Information  Check it out....

February 5th, 2007
Updated the
Gardner Tobitt Family story.

January 20th, 2007
Worked on the
Jackson Family Picture album

January 15th,2007
New Birth, Death and Marriage Certificates are online now.
Go check them out!

December 31st, 2007
The creation of the Family Stories Site
What is New!
Coming Soon:

England Homes

England Church

Service Men and
Women in our Family