Albert Tobitt and Family

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1851 Census Wesley Tobitt  Page1   Page2

The 1841-1851 Census records Albert’s parents were Wesley Tobitt and Ann May-Tobitt
Both from Kirdford. It is interesting to note that Wesley’s father was John Elliott Tobitt
living at Great Slifehurst farm and Ann’s Father was John May living at Little Slifehurst
farm. Albert's parents were neighbors and became married.
But before Wesley, Ann May
was married to Noah Mann. Together they had two children. Noah was in his late 50's
when he married Ann, who was around the age of 18. Noah died from complications due
to an obstructed bowel.  This left Ann residing at Howick farm with her children. Some
time after Wesley, living at Slifehurst and Ann, just down the road at Howick, formed an
alliance and began seeing each other. Albert's birth certificate is listed as Albert Tobitt
Mann. Ann Mann, as the mother, and no Father was listed. (See certificate link above)
About a year later, Ann and Wesley got married, just before their second child Jane was

I had a hard time finding
Albert's birth certificate, but once the 'Mann' name was
discovered, it all fell into place. Albert dropped or never used the Mann name and was
always  known as Albert Tobitt.

Albert married Fanny Pannell Daughter of James Pannell a farmer.  Albert and Fanny were
married the All Saint's Church in Islington in the County of Middlesex.

Albert and Fanny's first child was Albert John Tobitt born 10 February 1866 at Sidney
Cottage in Alford. The Birth was registered at Cranley, Hambledon in the county of Surrey.  
The certificate says that Albert was a game keeper.

Their second child was Jane Tobitt born 4th September 1867 at Pilling, Sub district of
Stalmine, District of Garstang in the county of Lancaster. Albert is still listed as a Game
Keeper.  It is thought at this time that Albert was already in the employ of Lord Wyfold.
Hermon Hodge.  Jane died in 1867 as an infant

Percy Wesley Tobitt was born 14th December 1868 in Pilling.
Amelia Jane Tobitt followed and was born in 1871 in Pilling as well.

In 1873 Florence Wyfold Tobitt was born in Checkendon at Neals farm.

Albert moved from Kirdford to Pilling. (where at least one of their children was born. Then
moved to Neals farm in Checkendon, Oxfordshire.  There he was in the employ of Lord
Wyfold as a Steward then later a Bailif.

1871 Census Albert Tobitt Page

The 1871 Census shows Albert and his wife Fanny Pannell-Tobitt living at Wyford Court.  
And his occupation was Farm Steward.
It is interesting to note that both Albert’s mother (Ann May-Tobitt) and Fanny’s Mother
(June Pannell) both were staying at Neals farm at the time the census was taken. Along
with a servant.  Also note the age difference Of Albert (28) and Fanny. (30) ( He married an
older woman)

1873 Birth Certificate Florence Tobitt    Page

The 1873 Birth record for Florence Wyfold Tobitt born in Henley. ( I suspect that this was
the first child of Albert’s to be born at Neals Farm and proof of her middle name being


1873 Fanny Pannell-Tobitt Page

The 1873 Death record shows that Albert’s wife Fanny Tobitt died  in Henley.  So she must
be buried there somewhere Or in Kirdford, her home town. The close time frame to the
birth of Florence, would lead you to the assumption of her death was related to child birth,
However her death certificate shows that on Dec 24 Fanny threw herself down the family
well at Neals Farm. The Certificate also has some amazing info on it. It states that her
Mother, Father, Brother and Grand Parents all committed suicide as well. In talking to
relatives close to Albert's immediate family, they stated that this fact was not known as
common knowledge. It looks as if the events on that Christmas eve were put away. As to
Fanny's mental state it is unknown if she really had been sick for some time, or if her
actions were related to post par tum depression.

In total Fanny and Albert had 5 children.  Albert John, Percy Wesley, Jane, Amela Jane
and Florence Wyfold Tobitt.    Their Third child Jane died as an infant. This too may have
played a roll in Fanny's mental state. See The Certificates link for the children's birth

1879 Church Bells of St. Paul & St. Peter Church in Checkendon. Page

I Found a website for the church in Checkendon where Albert and his family went to
church. The website shows the historical points to the church. In particular, there is a
section on the Bell Tower and the eight bells that hang there. Each has inscriptions of
different nature, but the eighth bell has an inscription of:

CMears & Stainbank London 1879
G T Abby, H Pope and A Tobbit Churchwardens. Glory to God in the Highest

The name A Tobbit may have been spelled incorrectly, but the church is much to close to
Neals Farm to be a coincidence.  (I have notified the Reverend there to find out
information, he has not returned my email.)

1875 Albert and Mary Downer Marriage Page

Their marriage certificate shows they were married on Feb 9 1875. One year and two
months from the death of his previous wife Fanny.  Mary Downer was from Albert's home
town of Kirdford. There has been a long history of Tobitt's and Downer's. From family
stories passed down, "Tobitt men married Downer women and Downer men married
Tobitt women. This was impressed as a proud fact" (From John Tobitt Elder of Las Vegas)

1881 Census Albert Tobitt  Page

The 1881 Census shows Albert has a new wife, Mary Downer-Tobitt, a group of new
children and the servants.  Note the address is now called “Neals Farm”. Also note Albert
(38) and Mary was (26). A 12 year difference.  (he went for the younger woman this time :)

1887 Mary Downer-Tobitt Page

The 1887 death record shows that Albert’s wife Mary Downer-Tobitt died in Henley. So she
must be buried there somewhere too or Kirdford. Her death also coincides with the birth
of  Edith May Downer Tobitt. The Death certificate states that she died of a heart condition.
Which must have been aggravated by the birth of her last child. Her heart just played out.

In total, Mary and Albert had 7 children together. Harold Sidney, Mary Adelaide, Ethel
Alberta, Stanley, Eveline Gertrude, Hubert Leslie, and Edith May Downer Tobitt.  All of
which were born at Neals Farm in Checkendon.  See The Certificates link for the
children's birth Certificates.  

It is interesting to read the story of how Harold Sidney Tobitt came to America. And how
Edith May, his youngest sister and his Step mother Laura Mary Heard-Tobitt played such a
roll in the story.

1891 Census Albert Tobitt Page

The 1891 Census shows Albert and his family still at Neals Farm. However, he now has a
new wife, Laura Mary Heard.   Again, Albert married a lady 9 years his younger.  

In November of 1891 Albert and Laura Mary, had a child Cyril Richmond Tobitt. This would
be their only child together and Albert's last Child.

In total Albert had 13 Children.

1901 Census Albert Tobitt Page

The 1901 Census shows Albert and his family still at Neals Farm, however another
interesting piece is the listing of Wyfold Manor. Looks like Albert's Employer's Estate was
finally finished and in full swing.  

I am still researching Albert as he lived until 1933. After retireing from Neals Farm, He
moved to Chaversham Heights where his son Percy lived. I have a lead on where Albert
is buried, as it may be in Caversham.

More to Come....
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