Wesley Tobitt

Wesley Tobitt is the son of John Tobitt and Ruth Pacy-Tobitt.

Wesley was born 21 Aug 1821 at Grand Slifehurst farm Kirdford. Not much is known about his
child hood. John and Ruth had 7 children in total and Wesley being the 4th child.

The 1941Census shows Wesley a 19 year old young man in the home of his father John.  
Page1  Page2 This census document tells us many things. As Wesley's father is living at
Grand Slifehurst farm. Their neighbor was John May living at Little Slifehurst.  And four
households down the road was Howick Farm, the residence of Ann May-Mann. Ann was the
daughter of John May and the widow of Noah Mann.

Ann had married the older Noah some years prior.  But after Noah's death, Ann found herself
in charge of Howick and of three children. Somewhere during this time, Ann and Wesley
formed a relationship. One can speculate that they were very close in age and had grown up
living next door to one another, they may have liked each other from an early age. But that is
only speculation on my part.

On 20 Jun 1842, Albert Tobitt Mann was born at Howick Farm in Kirdford. On the birth
certificate no father is listed. Ann did however put Tobitt as the child's middle name.
A year
later their second child was born, Jane.  It was at this time that Ann and Wesley got married
just prior to Jane's birth. 12 April 1843 At the Parish Church in Kirdford.

Ann and Wesley Dropped the Mann name from Albert and just called him Albert Tobitt.
Though finding his birth certificate was difficult.
 Alberts Birth Certificate

The 1951 Census tells the final story.
Page1  Page 2 Ann and Wesley show as married. And
she came to live with Wesley at Slifehurst.  

I am unsure of when they took residence at Hills Green but they lived there for some 40 years
together.  After Ann Died in March 5th 1902, Wesley sold or moved from Hills Green Farm to
Croucharms Farm in Kirdford.

In total they had eight children

       Albert Tobitt B: 20 June 1842 D: 1933
       Jane Tobitt-Downer B: 21 Sept 1843 D.: 1903
       Wesley Tobitt B: 5 Oct 1845 D 1911
       Walter Tobitt B: 21 June 1847 D:1931
       John Tobitt  B: 3 June 1849 D:?
        Amelia Tobitt B: 23 Feb 1851 D: 1871
       James Samuel Tobitt B: 31 Dec 1852 D: ? (think USA)
       Berridge Tobitt B: 29 Oct 1854 D: 1898

Wesley died on 28th Nov 1907 at Croucharms farm in Kirdford.

Wesley and Ann are buried in Kirdford parish churchyard.

Here is a picture of Shannon Jackson, Ian Thompson and Brenda Jackson-Mercier at the
grave of Ann and Wesley Tobitt at the Kirdford Graveyard.

Here is a picture of Ann and Wesley Tobitt standing infront of their Hills Green home.
It is interesting how we got this picture.

While scanning old photos at Ian's house, I found an envelope with this picture inside.
Along with a letter and a newspaper obituary for Lionel Baker.
Seems Edith May Tobitt-Coulton visited Hills Green back in 1955.  After her visit, she wrote a
thank you letter to Rosamond Baker for allowing her to see the home. Then Rosamond sent
Edith a picture of Ann and Wesley Tobitt that was in her possession.
The copy of the letter is here.

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Wesley Tobitt
Wesley Tobitt at Hills Green
Circa 1880's
Ann May-Mann_ Tobitt at Hills Green
Circa 1880's