Tobitt Family

      The Tobitt Family story is a most interesting one. I have stated before that the story of the
Tobitt's is just short of Pride and Prejudice, Jane Austin's novel,  a little bit of Dicken's and
much to close to the novel Jane Eyre.

      The Tobitt's fringed on royalty. The family always had good standing in the land and
with their neighbors. They farmed large estates and even worked for the elite of the land. And
yet had many dark secrets that they kept hidden from all. Children out of wedlock, suicide,
runaway children, and family left to the depths of the workhouse. They are an interesting

      I have been lucky enough to get in touch with a family historian. Margaret Major lives
now in New Zealand and she was ever so gracious to share her work on the Tobitt family.

Threads in a Tapestry by Margaret Major - Tobitt

Family Tree

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Gardner Tobitt  Story  or Tree
  • Wife- Zula Mae Jones

Harold Sidney Tobitt Story  or Tree
  • Wife- Nannie Florence May

Albert Tobitt Story   or Tree
  • Wife- Fanny Pannell
  • Wife- Mary Downer
  • Wife-Laura Mary Heard

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Tobitt Family
Gardner Clifford Tobitt
Ethel Tobitt-Morgan
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